Tyranicii Patris Boletus

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Biovore - Tyranicii Patris Boletus

Spawned From: Mutation Lair
Combat Role: Artillery
Unit Size: 2 (Max squad size is increased to 3 after the Perfect Link upgrade to the Hive Spire.)
Squad/Support Cap: 1 Support
Hard Cap: 2 Units

  • Can be ordered to Attack Ground.
  • Can not capture Strategic Points.

Effective Against: Infantry and Light Vehicles/Buildings

Weapon Upgrades:
  • Toxin Spore Mines: Effective against all Infantry and Monster armor.
  • Bio Acid Spore Mines: Effective against Building, Vehicle and Heavy Infantry armor.
Purchased in the unit's menu, each Individual in the brood can be upgraded with one.

  • Use them to keep enemy infantry knocked down.
  • Apply long range pressure to opponent's base/outpost.
  • Slow movement and poor melee ability means that other Tyranids must be kept nearby for support.
  • Have Lictors find and watch targets to greatly increase Biovore accurracy.
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from: Ministry
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