Tyranicii Ophidius Subterra

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Ravener - Tyranicii Ophidius Subterra

Spawned From: Birthing Sacs after the Synaptic Resonance Beacon upgrade to the Hive Spire, or from the Trygon.
Combat Role: Fast Attack Infantry
Unit Size: 5-6
Squad/Support Cap: 3 Squad
Hard Cap: 3 Broods

  • Fast movement speed.
  • Tunnel Underground (Teleport).
  • Can capture Strategic Points.

Effective Against: Most unit types

Weapon Upgrades:
  • Devourer: Short ranged weapon that is effective against Infantry.
  • Deathspitter: Medium ranged weapon that is effective against most unit and building types.
These upgrades may be purchased in the unit's menu, each Individual in the brood can be upgraded with one (neither upgrade reduces melee damage).

  • Use the Ravener's mobility and "teleport" ability to flank the enemy.
  • Once in flanking position, use them to quickly eliminate artillery, support vehicles, heavy weapon squads, or to prevent the enemies retreat.
  • "Teleport" to the back of an enemy's base to take out turrets that might be hard for the rest of the Tyranid army to reach.
  • Combines well with Warriors equipped with ranged weapons, as both can simultaneously attack the same enemy unit.
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