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Spawned From: Tunnel Warrens (Requires captured Relic)
Combat Role: Heavy Fast Attack Support
Unit Size: 1
Squad/Support Cap: 4 Support
Hard Cap: 1

  • Tunnel Underground ability (teleport).
  • Can instantly spawn 1 brood of Raveners for free (if Squad Cap and Hard Cap allows).
  • Trygon Bio-electric Field activated ability which sends shock waves against all nearby units, friend or foe.
  • Synaptic Independance.
  • Can not capture Strategic Points.

Effective Against: Most unit types

Upgrades: None

  • Use to counter enemy Relic units and heavy vehicles.
  • Use the Trygon Bio-electric Field ability if it gets surrounded by enemy infantry.
  • The "teleport" ability and it's high movement speed make it great for disrupting and distracting your opponent.
  • Use the "teleport" ability to get behind enemy lines, then immediately spawn a Ravener brood to maximize the chaos this maneuvre generates.
  • The Trygon is more fragile than most enemy relic units so it either needs to be used for hit-and-run attacks, or to be supported by other Tyranid units.
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