Tyranicii Animus Aborrens

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Zoanthrope - Tyranicii Animus Aborrens

Spawned From: Mutation Lair
Combat Role: Ranged Heavy Support
Unit Size: 2 (Max squad size is increased to 3 after the Perfect Link upgrade to the Hive Spire.)
Squad/Support Cap: 2 Support
Hard Cap: 2 units

  • Toxic Miasma.
  • Synapse Creature.
  • Catalyst rechargeable ability.
  • Can not capture Strategic Points.

Effective Against: Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Light Vehicles/Buildings

Upgrades: None

  • Use to provide very heavy ranged firepower to the Tyranid army.
  • Zoanthropes move slowly and are vulnerable in melee, so keep them behind the Tyranid's front lines.
  • Use the Catalyst activated ability to render one nearby Tyranid unit nearly invulnerable for a short time.
  • Catalyst is great for saving any unit receiving heavy fire, or to protect a spearhead unit - like the Uberfex or Trygon - before sending them into battle.
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