Will of the Hive (WotH)

Tyranid Builder Unit

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Will of the Hive (WotH)

Spawned From: Hive Spire, Spore Chimney, Capillary Tower and any Synapse Creature.
Combat Role: Builder
Unit Size: 1
Squad/Support Cap: Free
Hard Cap: 3

  • Can Build buildings.
  • Infiltration.
  • Can Teleport over long distance.
  • Very slow movement speed.
  • Heavily dependant on Synapse.
  • Can not capture Strategic Points.

Effective Against: Can not attack

Upgrades: None

  • Use their Teleport ability to move them where they are needed.
  • Keep in mind that their health degenerates unless they are near a Synapse Creature.
  • If they are building outside of Synapse, then check up on them often to make sure they finish the job.
  • They must be Kept near a Synapse Creature in combat or their morale will break.
  • They are quickly and easily replaced, so do not be concerned if you lose a few of them.

Note: This unit is meant to give tangible form to the "focus" of the Hive Mind. So when the WotH's are "building" a building, it is as if the Hive Mind is focusing it's attention onto that building as the building prepares itself for service. This is also why the WotH's are spawned from both Synapse Creatures and buildings. This is only a temporary unit and will be replaced with a better system soon.
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