Spore Mines

Tyranicii Boletus Minoris

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Spore Mines - Tyranicii Boletus Minoris

Spawned From: Spore Chimney
Combat Role: Light Artillery
Unit Size: 1
Squad/Support Cap: Free
Hard Cap: 12

  • Can Garrison in and Deep Strike from Spore Chimneys and Capillary Towers.
  • Can not capture Strategic Points.

Effective Against: Infantry

Upgrades: None

  • Use their Deep Strike ability to put them next to enemy infantry.
  • Do little damage, but cause knock down and disruption.
  • Good for early artillery strikes before Biovores are available.
  • They are destroyed quickly by ranged weapons, so they are best used in support of another Tyranid unit's attack.
Released on: Thu Oct 29, 2009 10:01 pm
from: Ministry
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