Tyranicii Tyranicus Chameleo

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Lictor - Tyranicii Tyranicus Chameleo

Spawned From: Birthing Sacs
Combat Role: Elite Scout
Unit Size: 1
Squad/Support Cap: 1 Squad
Hard Cap: 3

  • Infiltration
  • Detect enemy Infiltration units
  • Synaptic independence
  • Can not capture Strategic Points
  • Each Lictor you control Increases both Squad Cap by 1 and Support Cap by 1

Effective Against: Most unit types

Global Upgrades:
  • Lictor Acclimization I: Increases Health, Speed, Damage, and Sight Range
  • Lictor Acclimization II: Increases Health, Speed, Damage, and Sight Range (Requires the Synaptic Resonance Beacon upgrade to the Hive Spire)
  • Lictor Acclimization III: Increases Health, Speed, Damage, and Sight Range (Requires the Perfect Link upgrade to the Hive Spire)
These upgrades may be purchased at the Birthing Sacs and will affect all of your Lictors. Their effects do stack.

  • Use their infiltration to spy on the enemy
  • Combine with the Broodlord to take down the enemy commander
  • One of the first units available that is effective against vehicle/building armor
  • Long sight range and infiltration make them perfect spotters for Biovore artillery strikes
  • One of the few Tyranid units that can detect infiltrated enemy
  • Combine with an infiltrated Broodlord and his Genestealer retinue for a sneaky "kill team"
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