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The Trygon - Design Sketches
It took us a while to decide upon a Relic creature. In the end we went back to Epic and chose one of the smaller biotitans - the Trygon. It wasn't too overpowered, and it had a unique little twist in that it could burrow and also generated a bio-electrical attack; being a kind of tank-buster unit.

At this time, there was no Forgeworld resculpt of the Trygon, so we had to design it based off the original Epic models.

-X- came up with the following design sketch:


However, Tyranids have changed their style a lot since Epic, so we felt that it wasn't in keeping with the (end of 3rd edition/beginning of 4th edition) style, and -X- decided to try a significantly updated version:


Again, it felt a bit too slug-like, so we took a bit of the (then) new Carnifex design into account and followed a similar pattern, particularly with the recessed head:


However, in the original Epic description, the Trygon had special channels in its scything talons to help with the discharge of its bio-electrical attack, and we particularly liked that part of -X-'s second sketch, so his final version (completed not long before Forgeworld decided to upstage us), came out like this:


In the end, we decided to try and mimic the Forgeworld model since that would be significantly more recognisable than our own version, but we thought that the design images were pretty awesome in many respects as well, so we kept onto them.
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