Magma Vents

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Magma Vents - Original Design
There are two "buildings" that are classic to Tyranids. The first is the Spore Chimney, and the second (and generally less well-known) is the Magma Vent.

Magma Vents are generally an integral part of all Tyranid invasions - they vent up thermal energy to help with the underground gestation of various Tyranid units when a hivefleet is well into their infestation of a planet. Any sort of brood hive relies on this geothermal energy.

Originally we figured that Magma Vents would be the Tyranid equivalent of a Generator (which is why in the design sketch there's a smaller and larger version), but obviously we eventually came to the decision that Power doesn't really factor into Tyranid units very well. It kinda fits (units costing geothermal energy, since they need it to gestate), but it didn't make much sense when put next to all the other races that use Power - Tyranids aren't that big on electrical engineering. So we scrapped that idea altogether and just made it the Tyranid slag-heap building, generating Requisition (and possibly in the future being switched to Influence production).

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