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Postby Zaha on Sat Dec 05, 2009 7:18 pm

The Tyranid Mod is a project that's been going on for years now. As such, we've learned just how annoying it is to bring people up to speed every time a new person joins the forum (it's slow, repetitive and generally winds up burning a lot of time). We've also learned that certain rules need enforcing, otherwise the mod team members start getting annoyed.

As such we've compiled an FAQ for new members to read.

It goes over suggestions we don't want to hear, questions you might want to ask and how to behave on the forum. Not reading it could lead to you getting banned for being annoying without realising.

We also have a mod knowledge base for information on the mod itself - the in-game units, design history, magazine reviews etc.

So if you want to know anything about our project, check these two links first. We strongly recommend you do it before asking any questions, because probably it's already been answered in one of those two links.
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