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Star Citizen: Freelancer/Wing Commander reborn

Postby Krishach on Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:17 am

Chris Roberts, the creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer, has been out of the game-making loop for a while.

He's back, and trying to make a AAA space flight simulator on crowd funding. He's succeeding, by all accounts.

With a record breaking $11.5 million US in crowd funding, and a HUGE number of milestones hit, the game is promising some pretty daunting goals, and is delivering updates that show they are going to do so.

A few space-sim features:

~ A persistent online world, no monthly fee.
~ A single player campaign, whose earnings transfer to the persistent world.
~ The ability to get out of your ship, and fight. Or crew positions in larger ships. Or switch ships.
~ A full physics engine handling flight and first person movement: the CryEngine3
~ The ability to own multiple ships with a hangar setup
~ The ability to own multi-crew ships, including ships with docking hangers, under ships-of-the-line
~ Ships-of-the-line in the persistent world are pilotable, and capturable. The largest at over a kilometer long, requiring a minimum crew of 40. These can be "owned" by a guild.
~ no RPG elements: skill will be that of the pilot. Upgrades to your ship, and your personal skill, decide conflicts.
~ Achievements that only happen once. Killed Graybeard? Discovered a new jump point, and had a system named after you? Possible.
~ Permadeath is possible. You can die, and your ship and valuables transfer to your new character.
~ Customizable ship configurations, with upgrade slots, cargo hangers, and weapon hardpoints.
~ A PvP slider allowing you to customize the instances where PvP is possible in *most* zones, especially high security.
~ Low sec security PvP only zones: enter at your own risk
~ Hard caps on the number of ships in a fight. Guild numbers alone shall not prevail.
~ Non-combat credit sources: sell exploration data, mine, trade.
~ Private hosting supported: play in your own universe
~ Private hosting MOD SUPPORTED (this is what sold me on the game)

Donations above $40 give access to alpha and beta, a ship to own, and limited lifetime insurance on said ship (basic ship only with no monthly fee, does not cover upgrades or cargo). And nothing you can reserve or buy will be impossible to get in game, save lifetime insurance. Wait to back, and you pay credits month to month in game for insurance. Those wanting coverage on after-market mods will all have to buy additional insurance as well, as part of the game mechanic, or risk your ship. Or, you can sign on as crew.

Needless to say, I'm excited about the project. Has anyone else already signed up? Anyone else interested? Anyone who backs before Nov 26th gets lifetime ship insurance on any pledge ship. Get yours.
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