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Re: Space Hulk Re-release

Postby Hivetyrant765 on Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:33 pm

not sure about the pics, but how it works: its really fun. games only last about an hour. to win as genestealers, you cant just run straight at the termies. it actually takes some planning. if you run at the termies, youll get shot to hell, but if you plan out ambushes, its pretty easy to win. 1st mission is almost impossible to win as the terminators. overwatch is a godsend when youve got genestealers running down a corridor towards you, and the sergeant with power sword always dies first, no matter what (should have painted mine as a black guy...). havent really had a chance to play any of the other missions yet.

if you want to know more, ask a specific question, as im no good at describing things (as you can tell).
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Re: Space Hulk Re-release

Postby Emperor of Mankind on Tue Sep 22, 2009 5:44 pm

I love Space Hulk I was playing against a friend and here's how battle reports go(well more like victory/defeat)

Mission 1: Supreme Victory
Mission 2: Total failure
Mission 3: Pyrrhic victory
Mission 4: Pyrrhic victory
Mission 5: Total failure
Mission 6: Victory
Mission 7: Victory
Mission 8: still in progress(we took a break last week and haven't been able to finish)
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