Postby Nonalyth on Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:39 am

Would it be possible to include mission-specific code which causes the build menu to be unavailable until a HQ is on the field, similar to how DE abilities are linked to tiers? Further more, could the appearance of a HQ enable the menu permanently, even after the destruction of said HQ? Just a few ideas.
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Postby Dimand on Wed Jul 30, 2008 4:52 am

The Extent of what we can do, mission specific, depends on the new SCAR functions created in SS.

Hopefuly we will soon get some documentation for it, if not, well have to go scanning through the SS missions to figure it out ourselves.
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Postby Zoat on Sat Jun 27, 2009 1:29 pm

this may be an old matter that allready got a solution.
but i have a solution to the 15 min build problem thats NOT map specific(ok.. maby it is a little) but lets make ALL other buildings but the hive spire to require a Hive spire to be build. so you can't build anything without a hive spire. and then lets make the hive spire take ALOT of influence. and you only get like 1 spore chimney that gives influence. giving you a quest to work with.(protect the spore chimney) and if it ''dies''. you need to take FROM you INFLUENCE to build a new(if spore chimneys take influence in later versions) and you need to protect your brood lord(if you have one in the mission) to build a new one, and if HE/IT dies then it takes 1 min before he ''revives'' making it take 1 min longer before he can build a new spore chimney( if its destroyed or you dont have one) that pruduces all the influence required to build a hive spire.

lets say that if the spore chimney gives(lets be evil to the tyranids) +1 infuence,(offcours can that be upgraded to more + later on in skirmish games, but the base can be +1)
i think thats 1/10 sec that takes 1 min to get 60 inflence. 60 x 15 = 900. then make the hive spire take 900 influence to be built :D and you cant get more than 900 in 15 min.
BUT if the spore chimney it destroyed! then it takes 10 influence to build a new one making it take about 1.5 min longer before you get a hive spire ( + the build time, but you can compensate for that by auto giving like 6 inflence when build if it takes 1 min(60 sec) for the spore chimney to be built)
BUT if you BROOD LORD gets KILLED it takes something like 1 min - 30 sec before he gets revived ( and if the spore chimney was destroyed when he was killed or when he is died it takes a little bit longer before you can start build a new one) so that you have a minimum fo 15 min before you can start build. that 5 min headstart. BUT if it goes bad for you, it takes longer time before you can start building = less head start. and if realy bad no head start at all or HE gets a head start.

so again.
1st the quest is: capture the SP ( that is under controle by the opponent)
so you need to take your little force and your brood lord and go and fight your way to the SP. then destroy the lisining post on it and then capture it and build a Spore chimney on it.

2nd quest it: protect the spore chimney.
so you get the infuence to build a hive spire so you can get more influence and more buildings.
and its from HERE when you get THIS quest that the timer starts ticking. not from the start but from the point when YOUR influnce starts coming.

3rd quest: build a base.
simple, build basic buildings so you can build up a little force ( and latar maby a bigger force )

4th ques: annihilate your enemy
well, i think it speakes for itself 8-)
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