General Guidelines

Custom maps, colourschemes, etc.

General Guidelines

Postby Zaha on Fri Dec 16, 2011 7:23 am

We've started getting some fan creations in the past few months, so this is the general place for you to post your works.

What this board is for:
If you've created a map or custom colourscheme or something similar, this is the place to post it. Make a thread, give us some screenshots, do your thing. We may (with your permission of course) even include the more impressive creations in the mod. This board is basically meant to be a library of fan creations, custom files, etc.

Note: Everyone should have the ability to attach files to their posts, so you can host your files in your thread without having to rely on filefront or other hosting sites.

What this board isn't for:
This is not the board to be requesting the use of our mod within your own mod - that's still the General board. If you're not posting something you've already created, it doesn't go here.

And that's it!
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